It is a rare building design that manages to appear at once contextual and completely alienated from its surroundings. The curves of this unique house by J. Mayer H. Architects bleed out from its edges and flow into the landscape around it, yet the division of artificial and natural remains quite clear save for the ambiguous boundary of the landscaped yard.



The attention to volume, curves and fluidity extends from the exterior of the house to its interior spaces that seem carved out of a single solid substance and morph from one room into the next like a series of caverns. The shell of the structure is pierced by likewise curved openings that frame incredible views of the adjacent and distant natural and residential areas.



moving back to the outside, it is clear that there is an overall logic and rhythm governing the structure as it relates to the land on which it sits – namely, that it pushes out in all directions and moves both with and against the hill it rests on. The real accomplishment of this house design lies not in its purely aesthetic qualities but in the complex ways in which it relates to its environment and seeks a balance between being on independent object building and part of its site and surroundings.