Dime Drinks Cabinet

Part secret room, part cool kitchen workspace, all curved and completely semi-spherical, this is one strange but creative way to solve your kitchen storage issues – a hanging half-circle drinks cabinet that holds (and hides) extra space right on your wall.

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Dime Drinks Cabinet closed

Ten rotating leaves slide to conceal and reveal this storage-and-work area with a simple spin of the knob. When closed, this looks like some kind of dark meta-cabinet. When opened, the light wooden interior, playfully-rounded drawer and colorful granite counter-top are made to animate the room.

Dime Drinks Cabinet open

By composing this system of soft curves, this Splinter Works ‘Dime Kitchen’ unit makes for a relatively unassuming addition to an existing kitchen space – something you will not bump your elbows on while navigating your now-more-crowded, compact cooking area.

Dime is a dynamic wall mounted cabinet, with a signature Splinterworks twist of illusion and intrigue.  When closed, the semi-spherical shape, with sculptural segments, has a poetic repetition of form. The edges of the walnut leaves are lined in ripple sycamore veneer which highlights their shape as the curved segments fade in motion. Dime opens with a pleasing resistance, each segment retracting evenly until fully opened, revealing Dime’s function as a liquor cabinet.”

Dime Drinks Cabinet custom yacht version

A Special Commission Version

“This custom Dime cabinet was created for the saloon of a superyacht. The cabinet is mounted on a mirror, giving the illusion of a full globe floating in space, and features several personal details. Within the embossed map, their hometown of Fort Lauderdale is positioned in the centre of the cabinet reminding the owners of how far they have travelled, wherever they are in the world.”

About Splinterworks

Our designs are experimental and theatrical, but the function of the piece is always paramount. We love to play visual tricks, especially where balance comes into question. Opposing dichotomies of solidity versus weightlessness, motion versus stillness, and strength versus fragility, are played out through ambitious designs in innovative materials.”