Garden Loft Conversion 1

Though visual clues to its past remain, you’d never guess that this beautiful, airy loft was a commercial space in a previous life. Despite industrial details like exposed duct work, metal beams and concrete floors, the converted loft in Terrassa, Spain feels homey and welcoming with wood, warm brick, a sunken lounge space and lots of greenery including a wall of living bamboo.

Garden Loft Conversion 2

Bamboo and other plants are set right into the floor of the apartment in mulched built-in beds mimicking those that would normally be found outdoors. Extending from the living space into the bathroom, where it’s multiplied by mirrors, all of this fresh greenery gives the loft the feel of a garden apartment while maintaining the privacy and views of upper-floor living.

Garden Loft Conversion 5

Garden Loft Conversion 4

Egue & Seta architects chose to only place a few partitions throughout the 2152-square-foot loft, making most of them glass, even in the bathroom area. The more private parts of the home can be closed off with opaque doors, but when they’re open, a long visual line is maintained from one side of the apartment to the other, making it feel even more spacious than it is.

Garden Loft Conversion 3

Garden Loft Conversion 6

Restored brick is paired with gleaming stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, while a coat of white paint helps it contrast with honey-toned wood in the bedroom and bathroom. Reflections of the bamboo in the large glass window makes it unclear whether you’re only seeing the indoor greenery, or perhaps a forest outside.