Some extreme curves and cavernous spaces make this home in Warsaw, Poland a truly unique sight to behold. The Swing House was designed by architect Dagmara Obluska, who believes that home should be a place where one feels free to breathe deeply and enjoy every moment of being there.

In keeping with her professional mission, Obluska designed this home in a way that would allow for maximum space and minimal harsh corners. Rather, the home is filled to the rafters (and beyond them) with swooping curves, wide open spaces and whimsical but stylish details.

Nearly the entire ground floor of the home is dedicated to a large sitting area. The extremely high ceiling makes the rooms appear enormous while allowing a full view of the sweeping staircase.

The volume of the main ground floor room is amplified by its abundance of natural and artificial light. The massive front window reaches from the floor of the first level to the ceiling of the second level, letting in plenty of sunlight.

The home’s interior is rich with shiny materials such as mirrors and polished marble, reflecting the natural light from the window as well as the artificial lights which are distributed generously throughout the interior.

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Although the Swing House is utterly unconventional, it has a very comfortable quality about it. The repeating soft curves provide a kind of womb-like aesthetic, making it seem that coming home to this house would definitely be the best part of the day.