Beagle Scarf for Autistic Children Leo Chao

The Beagle is a curious piece of clothing that combines elements of a scarf and hood with pockets, designed to provide a mixture of soothing sensory experiences to autistic children – shielding them in part from the changing sounds and smells of their surroundings. It features both built-in speakers and pockets so kids can comfort themselves, hide, observe and fidget, which are common “stimulating” behaviors carried out by autistic people.

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“I wanted to make this medical product like a toy. This garment was co-created with families of autistic children. Interactions like pulling a hod over and keeping hands in the pockets are based on the gestures they do encountering discomforts, empowering themselves to use the product.

The Beagle comforting scarf design with pockets

While this design has a very noble and pragmatic purpose, it is also a compelling piece of clothing that even ordinary wearers could get into. After all, it has handy pockets, audio capabilities and can be worn in a variety of ways for different outside weather conditions. Customizable controls set conveniently into the side allow the user to change their sensory experience at the touch of a button.

The Beagle Scarf with Speakers for Autistic Children

Via Yanko Design:

“Blockbuster Hollywood movies can bring on the spotlight to lesser know disease and medical conditions. For example, After Rain Man we all knew what Autism was. That story told us how autistic people suffer from impaired social interaction and communication. In children the condition is heightened with sensory disorders and even minor noises can disturb them. A recent research suggests that stimulants like music, aromatherapy, and textured toys can help alleviate the condition. This where something like the Beagle scarf-hoodie can help.”

“This scarf includes speakers in the hood making it the perfect soothing wrap, around the child’s ears. Furthermore, customized aroma patches along with textured inner pockets can be integrated to the scarf. Coping with as autistic child can be trying at times and if something like the Beagle can bring the child some relief, then so be it.”