Pantone has become a household name in color, famous for creating some of the first color-matching palette sets for everything from cosmetics to house paints. Its colored ‘swatches’ are more than just commercial samples at this point – they have themselves become part of a meta-culture for architects, artists, interior and furniture designers as well as the public at large.

Inspired by the rich spectrums offered from Pantone, many independent design hobbyists and professionals have patterned work off of Pantone colors, designs and layout strategies – including the wall clock, storage boxes and brightly-dyed area rugs shown above.

One of the latest such product lines is a series of folding chairs that follow the format of a large-scale color swatch: white background/framework, solid color and the individual Pantone alphanumeric identifier.

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Taken a step further, these stools are something between an art installation and practical way of offering a stunning range of color tones, hues and shades applied to a single object. You could imagine buying a whole pattern-matched set for each room of a house – and, of course, matching the interior paint colors would be no problem.