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Yarn tells two kinds of tales: narratives are said to be weaved or spun as yarns, but there is a more literal meaning we also know. This curious street art project spans both definitions, creating small stories while infilling physical gaps in urban fabric.

Juliana Santacruz Herrera began this beautification project in Paris, selectively decorating cracked and broken parts of the pavement with stretched yarn in a rainbow of colors. There is an almost-organic nature to the strange formations of string that result, as if they had crawled, intertwined and nested of their own will in a mysteriously self-selecting manner.

Whether it is pure fun or functional is up for debate, though, arguably, Parisian drives could find these voids less destructive with a little padding, or perhaps simply avoid them now that they are so much easier to see. It is a little like this ongoing LEGO building infill project, and could maybe also be applied in the same way to vertical surfaces rather than just horizontal ones.