HENZEL STUDIO Calata Piliero Calle Henzel

Too often, area rugs and mats are more an afterthought than a serious design consideration when decorating the interior of a home. Paired in these images with perhaps too-perfect living and other room designs, these Henzel rugs take center stage in each featured composition.

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Henzel Studio modern rug Castilian
Henzel Studio modern rug black and white Marilyn

Of course, finding furniture and artwork to do justice to these pieces might be tough at times. However, if you use the rug as a starting point – matching it to the surroundings before infilling the room – one could imagine building an entire interior around one of these in each room of a house.

HENZEL STUDIO Olaf Breuning  Black and white people
HENZEL STUDIO Calata Piliero Calle Henzel

Whether you want something colorful and vibrant to stand out from its surroundings or something to connect the interior of your abode with the outside world, there is bound to be a Henzel rug perfect for your home. Henzel also collaborates with prestigious artists and their estates, from Andy Warhol to Olaf Bruening, to produce incredible functional artworks for the home.

Henzel Studio modern rug Lomma E6

HENZEL STUDIO is a Swedish luxury rug manufacturer established in 1999. Henzel Studio’s ethos is based on the artistic practice of Calle Henzel, founder and creative director. Over the past fifteen years, he has translated his artistic practice as painter and collage artist into the medium at hand, positioning Henzel Studio as one of the most progressive luxury rug brands in the world.”

Henzel Studio modern rug Helmut Lang

“To expand on this practice, HENZEL STUDIO COLLABORATIONS was conceived as a continuous initiative inviting some of the most prominent contemporary artists of our time to freely and seamlessly translate their work through an alternate media and the extraordinary practices that are involved in the making of Henzel Studio’s rugs.”


“All pieces are made by hand, using centuries’ old weaving techniques that make each rug one of a kind. The artists are all groundbreaking and leading forces within their respective fields and media, ranging from sculpture, drawing, collage, photography, installations, reliefs and video art. Their mark has not only been honored and highlighted at leading galleries and institutions worldwide, but also widely documented and manifested as a mirror of cultural movements.”