colorful decor bench design

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Serial deformations make this colorful series of furniture designs into as much an experimental art sequence as a functional living room accessory. Starting with a standard shape – an almost intentionally generic form – each added layer of a given table, chair, bench or storage cabinet undergoes a slight twist from the previous so that the net result is almost like seeing a 2D object passing through three-dimensional space (for those familiar with Flatland).

colorful home decor design

colorful art chair design

colorful art chair decor

The decorative appearance is not the result of artistic planning by their creator Julien Carretero but rather the random variations that occur when recasting an object, then casting the recast. Over time the changes build on one another and the end furniture product is at once a work of art, design and unpredictable variables that are part of the process. The colorful zebra pattern is simply a by-product of using a different color polymer sheet for new each iteration.