Miami and Milan might seem an unusual design combination, but Italian designer Marco Guazzini drew upon the pastel colors and geometric shapes in Miami architecture to create this unique piece of furniture.


Guazzini’s Flamingo console is also a study in movement and materials. It is made of a single solid tabletop with a pair of drawers – one above and one below – that slide along the length of the table.


The console derives its name from the shape it takes on when the drawers are placed at opposite ends of the table. The curve from one end to the other reminded the designer of the colorful bird’s unusual posture.


The console is simple and customizable, but its unusual configuration prevents it from being boring. Both of the drawers can be placed at any point along the table, allowing for a great deal of freedom when it comes to designing your ideal display.


The Flamingo’s top is made of pink Portuguese marble – no doubt another contributing factor to its unconventional name. The frame is varnished steel and the drawers are solid oak with a pastel blue lacquer coating.


For the designer, it is the balance between all elements of the object that make it so interesting. The shapes, the colors, the physical and visual weight of the shifting drawers – the Flamingo is one piece of furniture that is in constant contrast and motion.