uji water saving shower head
High water bills getting you down? You can try knocking on the door, banging on the wall, or yelling at shower-hoggers, but they seem dead set on taking hour-long showers. The Uji is a device that uses visual cues to tell the offender when their showers have gone on a little too long.
color changing shower head

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The shower head contains lights which gradually change from green to red the longer you shower. According to the two Tufts University students who invented the device, it has been shown to cut shower time by 12 percent. Once it’s released, the Uji will cost around $50 and will pay for itself in water savings in about seven months in a home setting and just three months in a school setting where many people use the shower each day.

Because the device is still being refined, there are a few grey areas about how it will work. The current model goes completely red after seven minutes. The inventors say that future models might be adjustable, with the user being able to set their desired shower time. A number of universities have already shown interest in the Uji, but it will be a while before it is released for home users.