Disposable plastic drink bottles are a tremendous burden on the environment, a fact that has prompted plenty of folks to switch over to reusable water bottles. It’s hard to remember to grab one every time you leave the house, though, so inventorĀ Niki Singlaub created the Hydaway collapsible bottle.



The Hydaway is a clever reusable water bottle that smushes down to a slim 1.25 inches when it’s not in use. The bottle is composed of food-grade silicone that will stand up to regular use and collapsing.



When extended, the Hydaway holds up to 21 fluid ounces – comparable to the size of the water bottles you’d find in a convenience store (there’s also a 12 oz version). Its shape brings to mind an aluminum can, but the Hydaway has a flip-up drinking spout that allows you to carry the bottle with you with no spills.



Frequent travelers and outdoor adventurers will find the Hydaway especially useful. No matter whether you’re hiking, biking, or flying, the flattened bottle fits easily into a pocket or bag while adding almost no bulk or weight to your gear. You can buy the small or large version of the Hydaway here for $20.