Wrapping around itself in a series of hard geometric facets, the ICE BED by Who Cares? Design creates a room within a room, with plenty of spaces to stash your stuff. Made entirely from Dupont Corian, the bed has a glossy ultramodern appearance enhanced by strips of built-in LED lights along the frame and countertop.

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ice bed geometric
ice bed detail

Inspired by glaciers, the ICE BED has an imposing feel, its sheer size calling to mind massive icebergs. The monochromatic color scheme, materials and lighting keep it from visually taking over the space, however.

ice bed design

Somewhere between sculpture and functional furniture, the bed offers a cozy little nook that feels separate from the rest of the room without being closed off. Drawers slide out from underneath the frame and niches in the walls provide space for books and other objects.

“The ICE BED, never ending heights, a bed completely made of Dupont® Corian. This design material of the future has a mat surface, has sharp edges and can be processed seamlessly. The bed is located in the center of the room, provides more secureness than any other bed in history. A LED-light runs from the foot to the peak of the mountain. Next to its design the ICE BED provides al lot of external and internal storage. The back of the bed is incised through the whole backwall which divides this element into two areas, the exhibition area and the storage area. Next to the pillow are all the necessary switches. For colorful nights are all colors provided.”

More about WHO CARES design:

We love to try out new ways of design processes and are rethinking the standard usage of every-day-use- objects. The range of clients are from private customers to huge corporate companies all over the world. Our team is mixed with several passions and skills. We design, we paint, we compose, we dream, we laugh, we shape, we win together. It’s not just about good design, it’s about great people. Not pretend, invent!!”