Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker

Slow-drip, cold-brew coffee is not just a novelty anymore. It’s a huge trend! As with most things, you have to see or taste for yourself, and you can grab a super expensive cup at your local fancy-pants coffee shop. Or you can opt for trying it at home, whether you’re already an aficionado or new to the bandwagon.

Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker

Cold-brew coffee devotees says that this style of coffee is way less acidic than a regular cup of Joe – and thus better for your digestion. Also, it has a slightly sweet but still very rich flavor. Since the water used is cold, it does not dissolve the grounds’ oily compounds the way hot water would. These oily compounds cause the acidity and bitter flavor of coffee. Others love the fact that no electricity is required.

Cold Brew Coffee requires no electricity

The Cold Bruer caught our attention with its very simple good looks and easy of use. Made from stainless steel, Borosilicate glass and silicone, it makes up to 20 ounces of slow-drip, cold-brew coffee. You can select your drip rate, which affects the taste but also the time it takes to finish your batch, between three and 12 hours.

Cold Brew Slo Drip Coffee is less acidic than regular

“You can see the water dripping, the coffee grounds saturating and expanding, and the brewed coffee slowly building in the lower chamber. Showcasing this visual process was one of our major goals for Cold Bruer,” said co-founder Andy Clark. The other half of the team is Gabe Herz.

Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker

The Minimalist Cold Bruer

If you wonder why you can’t just brew a cup of hot coffee, stick it in the fridge and let it cool down, the Bruer may not be for you. But if you’ve been shelling out the big bucks at high-end coffee bars to get your slow-drip, here’s your low cost helper for $80.