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If you’re a coffee connoisseur, chances are you’ve carefully chosen just the right beans, likely grinding them yourself. Maybe they’re fair trade, locally roasted, or were transported to your local co-op on a velvet cushion by a bike messenger in an organic three-piece suit. If you’re going to give that much attention to the beans themselves, would you mess with their quality during the brewing process?

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The conventional ways of making iced coffee require you to either plan in advance, or water down your brew by adding ice while it’s still hot. But coffee is always best right after it’s brewed, and sacrificing flavor just to enjoy it cold isn’t exactly ideal. Enter the ‘Coil,’ a chiller that drops the temperature of your freshly brewed coffee within minutes without ever touching ice.

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Made of ceramic, this four-part chiller features a bottom container with a spout, a central container holding 9 feet of coiled quarter-inch copper tubing, and a lid. You place ice in the central compartment around the tubing, and then pour your coffee into the top. As it passes through the copper tubing, it takes about four minutes to go from 210 degrees to 48 degrees.

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Elegant and minimalist, the matte black cylinder has no unnecessary flourishes or frippery. You can either add pre-made coffee from a drip machine or French press to the chiller, or brew it right in the Coil using the pour-over method. This process produces instant iced coffee while preserving the integrity of the beans. It’s available at Misc Goods Co for $259.