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As any designer knows, materials can make or break a project. Designers Fernando Mastrangelo and Samuel Amoia made materials the centerpiece of their unique collection. Silica, coffee, rock salt, pink salt, and sand joined with cement to become a line of sculptural furniture and home accessories under the name AM|MA Studio NYC.

side tables

Furniture and sculpture are often intertwined, sharing form and function. Introducing new shapes or new materials can alter the impression of the entire object, making a sculptural table into a true work of art.

rock salt bar

The first piece of the series was a bar made of rock salt and topped with a slab of blue cement. The sculptural bar looks like a natural formation that has been plucked from a cave and transplanted to a stylish home.

coffee coffee table

The pair continued to use unusual materials in a number of other projects which they say engage the viewer “both visually and conceptually.” The visual impact of the objects is certainly striking, highlighting the cooperation between natural and man-made materials.

rock salt cement bowl

The AM|MA products have put unconventional materials into a new context, incorporating mundane items such as coffee grounds as sculptural elements in breathtaking objects.

(via: PSFK)