pitched roof furniture

Lithuanian designer Aine Bunikyté uses the unique pitched roofs of historic homes to create furniture that is halfway between dreams and reality. Her Pitched Roof Furniture set is a rooftop dining experience that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

pitched roof dining furniture set

The modest dining set is quite lovely and retro-chic with its silver frames and translucent amber surfaces. What is unusual about this small table and twin chairs is the fact that they rest atop a steeply pitched roof, functional in theory but virtually inaccessible.


lithuanian designer pitched roof furniture

For those who live in tiny cramped urban homes with no patio or balcony, the Pitched Roof Furniture might be a welcome opportunity to dine al fresco. Then again, it might be a nightmare for those who don’t trust the setup’s ladder-like hook keeping it from tumbling to the ground.

dining table and chairs on rooftop

The dining set isn’t intended for actual use. It is a study in paradoxes. The roof is not a roof but a floor; the dining set is perfectly usable but perfectly unreachable; the idea of enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee among the rooftops is romantic and lovely, but completely impractical.

rooftop dining set

Still, it seems reasonable to say that if a set like this actually became available as a consumer product there would be plenty of people in crowded cities willing to try it out.