Code 10’s bags are designed to thwart assailants, of both the weather and the thieving kind. If you’re a commuter or frequent traveler, we bet you’ve encountered both.

The backpacks are waterproof, so your belongings will stay safe and dry if the tide comes in while you’re out surfing, and they are perfect for wearing on your back as you cycle home from work in a sudden downpour.

The secret to the waterproofing is that the backpacks are made from TPU-coated nylon fabric. TPU is known for its “outstanding toughness and durability,” says the American Chemical Council, and we know that’s what we’re looking for in a backpack. Often luggage leaks at the seams, but the Code 10 bag has special welded seams to keep it watertight.

And if you’re worried about opportunistic thieves, you can relax. Your Code 10 pack has a special roll top, and a pickpocket can’t reach the zipper to access the bag’s main compartment while you’re wearing it.

Another security bonus: You can lock the bag to a bench or railing so it can’t be snatched when you’re checking your phone or running into a store to pick up a quick coffee. Or, napping between flights in the airport (apparently some people can actually do that).

The anti-theft feature involves an integrated steel wire and combination lock system, and it works for on-the-go locking and also the lock-to-a-bench option. After you zip the bag shut, simply hook the zipper loop over the buckles. “A hidden padlock can then be taken out of the back panel and used to lock the buckles together and ensure that the zip can’t be opened,” explain the designers.

Sadly the inventors, Hong Kong-based product designers Charles Kelly and Chris Stammbach, have first-hand experience with both theft and water damage. Earlier this year, on a trip to Bali, Chris’s money was stolen while he was surfing, and Charlie’s laptop was damaged while he drove a scooter in the rain. Bad for them, but the rest of us will reap the benefits with the lesson-learned features of their Code 10 backpack.

While safety and waterproofing are key features, the Code 10 has plenty of other clever additions. Take the smart pockets, for example. There’s a useful shoulder-strap card pocket for stashing your travel documents or passes, and you can put your phone or other valuables in a secure hidden back pocket. Again, thoughtful features from experienced travelers.

Many of us travel with a tablet or laptop, and the Code 10 backpacks have a lightweight tech sleeve you can attach inside that will fit a laptop (up to 15 inches), and there’s room for a phone, hard drive, charger and those inevitable cables we all carry, too.

As for comfort, there are mesh panels on the back to keep you cool, the shoulder straps are padded and there’s a chest strap. An outside water bottle pocket lets you keep hydrated on your travels.

The Code 10 backpack has been crowdfunded successfully and can be bought on Kickstarter now for a December delivery.