What they say about other things may apply to nature in this case: if you can’t beat it, join it. Almost the opposite of a closed-off, holiday-retreat log cabin, this all-seasons home dynamically engages its environment and opens up to wonderful views on all sides … all without attempting to compete with the scenery.

It surely helped the architects of Fantastic Norway that the surroundings were amazing to work with in the first place; in this case, they feature everything from jagged stone outcroppings to wild and colorful plant life, all framed by a naturally curving coastline.

The home itself uses local building materials and styles, but deploys them in a somewhat different way than tradition might dictate. The odd looking shapes and irregular forms serve two functions:

On the one hand, they help the whole structure fit abstractly in context … it almost looks as if it were a pile of washed-up debris fashioned into a living space (which, on the side, is not as complex as the outside photos might lead one to believe).

On the other hand, they are not just artistic musings, but provide a series of wind-protected alcoves along the exterior and ideal framed and panoramic views from the interior of the dwelling.