Jeroen Vinken digital floral pattern textiles

There is more to these drapes than meets the eye – behind what seem like an elegant series of window covers lies a surprising amount of clever technology used to create everything from the colors to the patterns (printed out of a CMYK-style set of 4 thread colors). This process used by designer Jeroen Vinken starts with a simple spectrum of bright colors in a single classic floral pattern, digitally deformed by software to create a series of seven designs.

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Jeroen Vinken digital floral pattern textiles CYMK

The results (randing from classic-looking to ultra-modern) are then auto-stitched on demand – repeating patterns are cut to length to hang in any space.

Jeroen Vinken digital floral pattern textiles pixelated

Much like a printer uses varying amounts of a few base-colored inks to make virtually any color you can imagine, various depths and densities of just four different thread colors are able to mimic the effect of an infinite set of colors.

Jeroen Vinken digital floral pattern textiles original

Standard silk or lace is replaced by polyester fabric with the right material properties to meet the high-tech requirements ?making these curtains.

Jeroen Vinken digital floral pattern textiles desaturated

Since everything is computer-controlled, it is easy to offer a series of variants within the seven basic styles: each one can be ordered in beige, black-and-white, pastel, light or dark tones. Still, despite all of the mass-produced aspects, one gets the sense of owning something unique and original – which, in a way, each variant is.

About the artist

“Jeroen Vinken’s work is clear and direct for those who will approach it with an open mind. It is original, intense and full of latent aggression. There is no doubt or hesitation in any direction to be found in it. That is the lot of the observer who, whether he will or not, is always caught off balance. Together these things are the sign of the presence of true quality. Vinken doesn’t make it easy for himself here because it will still be some time before this œuvre gets the rank it deserves in our artistic world.”

“Textile, and not only textile, is inescapably a loaded medium and was denied recognition as one of the fine arts for a long time, unless chosen by established artists: Oldenburg – Barry Flanagan – Beuys, to name but a few. This barrier which exists will stimulate rather than obstruct Jeroen Vinken. His work will gain in power and meaning from the challenge.” – Benno Premsela