As much as we try to keep our workspace clean, clutter always seems to creep in – which can be a problem when your desk doubles as a flip-down bed and must be cleared daily. Unless, that is, you can tuck away your work and sleep without seeing it.

The study bed looks a bit like a classic wood roll-top, or perhaps a dorm-style spin-off, but its wide-sided design is actually the secret to its success: the sides become structural supports as the desk surface slides down and the bed slides out.

Variants on the base model contain everything from secret shelves (visible only when the bed is folded out lengthwise), above-desk cabinetry and other neat nuances.

The best part, of course, is the fact that you do not have to sweep your stuff from the desk each time you want to transform the object into a sleeping unit. And really, with a desk the size of a twin bed there might be a lot of cleaning up to do if you are shooting to have your study also serve as a guest bedroom.