corneliani le corbusier inspired

They say style works in cycles, so it was only a matter of time before one fashion designer or another drew inspiration from one of architecture’s modern greats, such as Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (aka Le Corbusier).

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corneliani Le Corbusier fashion

This Corneliani 2011 Fall & Winter line for men draws both directly and abstractly on this famous Swiss designer of days gone by, nearly borrowing from his wardrobe and definitely derived in part from his broader aesthetic sensibilities.

corneliani Le Corbusier fashion meets architecture

It is hard to say for sure whether he would be flattered or flabbergasted, but given his emphasis on timelessness in buildings and art, perhaps he would see the fit to his own theories and (international) style beyond the flashy runway show. The collection is subdued, in any case, eschewing gimmicks in favor of elegant and classic menswear that hints of its influences instead of shouting.

corneliani Le Corbusier fashion vintage menswear

About Corneliani:

“Corneliani designs a new ‘circle’ of zero impact values ​​and products, based on responsibility and transparency at every stage of the manufacturing cycle. CIRCLE is a stylistic and productive code that symbolizes the cycle of life; it is the beginning of a new path of socio-environmental awareness and responsibility; is a circle of people and products through which the brand renews its bond with its long-time customers and with the new eco-sustainable consumers, increasingly attentive to the nature of what they choose to wear. Through this approach Corneliani initiates a first phase of change and prospective alignment to the methods, certifications and international standards that regulate the compatibility of business processes.”


If you’re not too familiar with Le Corbusier, you should definitely acquaint yourself with this highly influential master of modern architecture. His own apartment in Paris is a great place to start, and it’s now open to the public, so you can even take a tour if you wish. We also took a tongue in cheek look at how his iconic Unité d’Habitation building could function as an ideal zombie fortress.