Dresser suitcase

No matter how hard they try, no manufacturer seems to make a business-friendly suitcase where your clothes are ready right when you arrive – and you never know what you will (or won’t) find when it comes to a hotel dresser or closet.

Suitcases are one of those items that have remained almost exactly the same for many decades, with few significant upgrades in the meantime. The addition of wheels was a good start, but why not take it a little bit further? Luggage designs that make travel easier by organizing clothing in a neater and tidier way would be helpful for many travelers, especially those who need to change into something that looks sharp immediately upon arrival at their destination.

Suitcase with built in dresser

Psychic Factory has come up with an idea that is so obvious one has to wonder why no one else has done it. To be sure, if they put it into production their will be problems to solve – like how to keep clothes neat when this wheeled contraption may not travel entirely upright, or how to lock the drawers from coming open in transit. But packed full enough with locking drawers, this dresser suitcase design would make accessing and organizing clothes a lot easier.

Closet suitcase design

Regardless of the small fixes that would be required to make this road-ready, the core concept is sound: a series of dresser-style drawers that simply slide out of the front of the suitcase, and a pull handle that doubles as a hangar-friendly bar from which you can suspect suits, coats and so forth in the open air and wrinkle-free.

A suitcase that basically acts as an entire mobile closet might even be nice for apartment dwellers who don’t plan to stay in one place for too long. If you’ve already stripped down your belongings KonMari style and only own exactly what you need, why not skip the big bulky furniture and go with something like this instead?

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