Virtual reality, augmented reality and everyday reality (and robots!) combine in this ingenious technology that transforms an ordinary room into something more than the sum of its architecture, living occupants or interior objects – a real-life work, play and/or living space you control with clicks and commands just like you do the desktop of your personal computer.

The possibilities for the disabled (or extremely lazy) of this so-called Clickable World Interface are essentially endless: point, click and identify a target to be acted on by a nearby robot. This idea is also ingeniously low-tech, requiring only an ordinary off-the-shelf laser pointer that turns into a powerful highlighter in its new application.

What what of the targets identified? The interactive potential is likewise limitless: it could be a person to whom you wish to deliver a message, and object you would like retrieved or delivered (which the robot will find, lift and hold until further instructed) or even a real-life ‘button’ with a preselected function unrelated to its physical location or other intrinsic properties.