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The poor wordplay could not be avoided – the Twist&Brush from Studio KG streamlines, simplifies and improves upon the somewhat-tired (and often-failed) idea that comes to many inventors: integrating toothpaste tubes with toothbrushes.

What this design realizes – and other such hybrids fail at – is that something new built from something old does not necessarily have to work the same way as the original. In this case: squeezing or pushing out the paste is a recipe for a messy brushing experience. Instead, using something more exact (like a syringe) just makes sense.

By allowing users to twist out precise amounts in a more-controlled fashion (measuring out quantities, no less), the Twist&Brush idea makes for a sustainable, lower-waste, and all-around-cleaner approach to this universal set of bathroom devices. Two pieces – refillable, easy-to-clean and precisely engineered. Sometimes, simple just wins.