Putting a round table up against a wall might be unavoidable due to space constraints, but no matter how hard you try, it just isn’t going to look right. There will always be just a tiny part of the table touching the wall while the rest of the perimeter of the table seems to be wasted space. Designer Kenyon Yeh came up with the most no-nonsense way to solve this problem since the square table.
The Yeh Wall Table simple folds up an end of the round table so that it extends up the wall just a bit. The table only has two legs and gains some of its stability from the portion that leans against the wall. It doesn’t require any fasteners to secure it to the wall. The design was actually inspired by a cheerleading practice session Yeh happened to see. A male cheerleader was in a sitting position with his back against a wall, supporting a female colleague standing on his thighs. Yeh realized the strength this physical position could provide not only to humans, but to objects as well.

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Yeh designed the wall table for Danish design company Menu. It’s made of powder coated steel and comes in a short version (53 cm/almost 21 inches) and a tall version (83 cm/about 32 1/2 inches). Thanks to its strong, clever design, it can go almost anywhere and is strong enough to stand up to your daily household needs. It would be especially striking to put two of the low tables on either side of a bed as a modern take on the traditional bedside stand.