It always seems a little silly to take the pizza out of the box and put it on plates, then attempt to shove the intentionally strong and awkwardly-shaped cardboard container into a recycling bin or trash can. This brilliant-but-simple Green Box invention gives multiple new functions to this traditional staple of delivery around the world.

There are great green benefits to this transforming tableware design that reduces the need for excess dishes but it is also a simple, convenient and easy-to-manufacture redesign of something we take for granted – something most designers have (mistakenly) assumed for years was as well-designed as it could be. Seems like there’s a lesson to be learned in all of this.
One part of the box divides evenly into four plates that, because they are based on the size of the unit designed to contain the pizza, work out to hold about a quarter of the pizza each of course. Even better, the other half of the box folds into a shape that can store up to half of the remaining pizza in a convenient wedge, making it easy to fit this storage box back in the refrigerator with your leftovers.
This waste-reducing pizza box design goes a long way toward the zero waste gold standard — a lot farther than most pizza boxes, anyway. The best part is how easily GreenBox made this wonder of modern packaging happen. It’s just a matter of looking at existing materials in a new way and coming up with something smarter. The addition of a few perforations and a slightly edited shape are what bring this eco-friendly packaging design together.
“We like to think of it as the pizza box of the 21st century,” says GreenBox.
If you’d like to nudge your favorite pizzeria to go greener, send them a link to the GreenBox website, where this clever transforming packaging is available to order.