Hidden washing machine

Washing machines and tumble dryers aren’t typically appliances that we want to have on display. We hide them away in closets and basements, sometimes giving them an entire room. In tiny apartments with no space to spare, however, there may not be a special place just for the laundry appliances. This little 375 square foot Parisian apartment had no space to spare, so the architects at Studio D’Archi came up with a unique solution.

Washing machine under counter

The top-loading washing machine is hidden inside a bespoke kitchen counter. When the washing needs to be done, you only have to flip up a segment of the counter top to reveal the machine. The cabinet in front of the machine comes off to allow access to the machine for maintenance.

Space saving washing machine

At the side of the counter closest to the wall, a storage space with three large drawers keeps all of the necessary laundry accessories close at hand. Pass-throughs were made in the enclosure to allow room for the hoses, vent, and electrical hookups. The ingenious solution gives the residents a little more counter space in the tiny kitchen while concealing one of the home’s ugliest appliances.

The architects explained a bit of their process on their blog (translated from French):

“This piece of furniture was made to measure in 19 mm MDF. It is in two parts: against the wall (on the right), three large drawers mounted on slides, and on the other side, a free volume in which the washing machine slides. the whole is covered with a work surface, part of which is raised to allow access to the machine.”

“The furniture has been sized exactly to the size of the device. A space under the drawers allows it to be connected to the water (supply + drainage) and electricity networks. The front panel is removable for easy access to the washing machine for maintenance or replacement.”