Radev bike
Cyclists are like snowflakes. They are unique, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They also want to ride their bike in very different ways. Some are urban bikers; others want to take a sturdy bike off-road and test it against the demands of nature. And then there are the speed demons who enjoy pushing themselves to their limits.
Radev Design loves snowflakes. And cyclists. The high-tech company, based in Cologne, Germany, respects all the little things that make us, well, us. They develop each of their bike frames for the individual customer, even going as far as taking measurements from the cyclist so that their new set of wheels will fit them perfectly.
Radev bike

The basic custom Radev frame is constructed with aluminum tubing, but the company also offers carbon and titanium options if you want to upgrade. Okay, so how is this different to the mass-produced frames we know? Well, the Radev frame is built from a series of tubes with 3-D bracket connectors, so they fit your dimensions. The brackets let you disassemble the frame and put it back together in just 20 minutes (and less than that if you’ve had practice).
Not only that,the frame sections and brackets can fit in most 25L backpacks (see here to get an idea of that size). That makes it a cinch to take your bike on the bus if you’re commuting or on a train if you’re traveling and want options.

Radev bike bracket

Custom 3-D Radev bike bracket

The section system keeps costs down for the manufacturer, too, which in turn means customization that regular cyclists can afford.
As company founder Zahari Radev explained to bicycle website FreeRiderPunctRo:
“With the brackets we can also change the tubes or geometry anytime. Let’s say you buy aluminum tubing and after a few months you want a lighter frame. In the normal case, you would need to buy a new frame; here in Radev, you get titanium or carbon tubing, swap it on your frame, and that’s it! You now have a lighter frame!”
Radev bike
Another advantage of the tube and bracket system: if you wipe out on a tight turn and bend your bike around a tree, you can replace the damaged sections of the frame without having to buy a whole new one. One less headache–and hopefully your helmet prevented another. (Speaking of which, check out Radev’s design-prize-winning Extreme Hit-Absorbing Helmet.)
radev bike
“Welding every frame with different angles in mass production would cost a lot of money, which the customer pays in the end,” said Zahari Radev. “Radev looked at making them a different way so we can all get more affordable prices on a custom frame.”
The frame’s not where customization ends, though. You can also choose the way your 3-D brackets look (note the cool guy on the wheel bracket, above), apply personalized graphics, and select your favorite color from Radev’s color palette.
Radev bike
Watch for Radev on Kickstarter any day now. We’re sure it’ll be worth the wait. In the meantime, you can satisfy your appetite for high-tech bikes on the company’s Instagram.
Radev bike