Crates can be an essential part of taking care of our dogs, but they’re not exactly aesthetically pleasing. If you had a choice, would you go with the usual wire or plastic crates sold by pet stores or get an enclosure that more easily blends into your decor? Discerning dog owners with modern homes might just go for the Lucidium: a new dog pen that ditches the look of a “cage” in favor of transparent acrylic.

Made by a company called Clearly Loved Pets, the Lucidium dog pen is a clear indoor enclosure that lets you corral your furry friends while maintaining a visual connection with them at all times. This enhanced visibility can be especially helpful if your dog is pregnant, a puppy, a senior, a troublemaker, or recovering from an injury or medical procedure.

Noting that “the use of a cage is becoming increasingly objectionable” for people who consider their pets to be members of their families, Clearly Loved Pets offers a kinder-looking alternative that fits right in to many interior decor styles without any unnecessary features or frills. The Lucidium also allows pet owners to keep their dogs nearby, grant them plenty of space to move around, and provide them with interesting views, to boot.

The company says that they worked hard to develop “a revolutionary new indoor enclosure for small and medium dogs. With clear acrylic walls, our oversized pens provide a generous space while simultaneously decreasing visual clutter. The three size options will comfortably accommodate your pet(s) while you are gone with space for a bed (or two or three), a water bowl, toys, and a pee pad if needed. The appealing aesthetic allows for favorable placement [right] in the heart of your home. Our pens come in a beautiful selection of colors including pink, blue, green, and matches-everything silver.”

“With research confirming what many have long-known, pet owners worldwide are seeking premium products for their multi-species homes. Clearly Loved Pets’ flagship product, our ‘clear’ paneled, oversized dog pen, addresses the need to protect your pet, and your home, while you are away. The design is intended for use in a family room or other central location so your pet does not feel disconnected from the home and family he/she wants to protect. Most importantly, the guilty feeling of ‘caging’ your dog is gone, as you ensure safety with a comfortable, beautiful, relaxing, ‘bedroom’ for your dog(s).”

Of course, if you’re the owner of a larger or particularly rambunctious pup, you might spot one glaring problem with the sleek design of the Lucidium: it doesn’t have a top to keep jumpers in check. It might work for shorter or older large dogs, however. It’s also pretty easy to put together and clean.

It may not work for everyone, but this transparent dog pen seems like a great option for small dogs in particular, who tend to be highly attached to their owners and in need of confinement while they’re out of the house. Some of these pens are even long enough to accommodate beds, bowls, and puppy pads when necessary.

The Lucidium comes in six sizes, starting at 27 inches tall by 48 inches long at the smaller end and going up to 36 inches tall by 72 inches long at the larger end. Prices range from $379 to $599, and it’s available to order through the Clearly Loved Pets website.