7 deadly sins chair designs

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When Arne Jacobsen designed his set of Series 7 chairs he could not have known that it would become an iconic piece of modern furniture history – or that it would inspire a sensational limited-edition ‘deadly sins’ variant far in the future. So is this an artful take-off or is it an artsy trick playing on past classics?

7 series arne jacobsen chairs

Each part of the set is carefully re-crafted – the individual chairs cut, bent, painted, folded and formed to reflect luxuria (extravagance), gula (gluttony), avaritia (avarice/greed), acedia (acedia/discouragement), ira (wrath), invidia (envy) and superbia (pride) respectively. Some of them show these traits as if they were the perpetrators, while others appear to be the victims of those under the influence of these characteristics.

7 deadly sins chairs

The Jacobsen Series 7 chair was cutting-edge for its time – a light-weight, high-modern piece of furniture with a slim shell, chromed steel supports, leather or fabric upholstery and seven fateful color options. Made available only through a private auction, this interpretive set sold for a five-figure sum to a private bidder – a twisted and creative remake of seven modernist classics definitely suited more to be artworks than working seats.