Stalactites, those long mineral formations that hang down from the roofs of caves, are one of nature’s exquisite works of art. As is often the case, human-made works of art – namely art deco skyscrapers in this case – resemble nature’s masterpieces so closely that it’s hard to miss the parallel.

led bulb shades stalaclights

stalaclight skyscraper lightshades

This is how designer David Graas came to create his line of LED lightbulb covers. Named Stalaclights as a play on the name of their inspiration, the bulb covers can put an entire upside-down city in every room of your home.

stalactite inspired lightbulb shades

upside down skyscrapers

Because LED bulbs throw basically no heat while in operation, shades and covers can be built right into their design. These strangely beautiful bulb covers are inspired by nature, modeled after famous architecture, and made possible by modern technology. Stalaclights are available from Layers for €185 each.