What is the Cirrus Showerhead?

Sourced from TechGeeksUnited

The Cirrus Shower is a revolutionary shower system that produces a blanket of pressurized mist and engulfs your body in its luxuriously warm, atomized waters. Thanks to its innovative “CloudMaker” technology, Cirrus is able to use 75% less water than most ordinary shower systems, making it a practical and environmentally smart choice. This shower head’s meticulous design and powerful jets will clean you better, faster, and more efficiently than your current fixture.

How Does it Work?

While most showerheads produce individual streams of water, Cirrus hits you with millions of tiny droplets. When water passes through its Cloudmaker nozzle, it is immediately converted into a fine, pressurized mist. This method of water dispersion ensures that every particle is being optimized and covers ten times the surface area of standard shower systems. When more space is covered, more heat is also able to transfer itself into the surrounding air. By operating at 13 times the standard levels of thermal efficiency, Cirrus will warm you quickly and significantly cut your heating bill down.

That’s not the only cost you’ll be saving money on after installing Cirrus in your home — it also uses 75 percent less water than ordinary shower systems, and the water it does use is all purified through an innovative NanoFilter. This easy-to-replace pod is fitted into the Cirrus core and contains three layers of mineralized stones that help reduce the amount of chlorine in the water, filter out other impurities, and balance pH levels. The company is even offering a few aromatherapy NanoFilter blends, which have been infused with organic, essential oils for a nourishing and relaxing shower experience. A convenient indicator on the side of the filters tracks their lifetimes for you, though each one should last you anywhere from two to three months.

Best of all, the Cirrus Core and its NanoFilters are detachable and can be used on any household shower, even the one you have right now! The company began their business venture via Kickstarter and Indiegogo and are still looking for pledges to help them get Cirrus off the ground and into everyone’s bathrooms.

Why Should I Invest in Cirrus?

Cirrus will seamlessly blend into any bathroom design. Installation only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any tools. The shower’s powerful spray will drench your hair within seconds of getting in and is ideal for those wanting to warm their aching muscles. You’ll finally be able to enjoy the feeling of cocooning yourself in a body of water without the guilt of being wasteful. Live sustainably and take your lengthy showers!

Cirrus creates a hydrotherapeutic experience that refreshes and invigorates the skin. Early birds will be woken up and given the relaxed, positive mindset they need to face the day ahead. Those who prefer to bathe before bedtime will be left feeling healed and ready for rest.

Altogether, the company estimates an annual savings of $606 on heat and $211 on water just from switching to the Cirrus Shower system. Think of how many more nights you could spend on vacation with that money!