dutch pilot the sitcom

Remember when the first Toy Story movie debuted and everyone suddenly wondered what it would be like if their household inanimate objects came to life? Furniture designer Lucas Maassen is doing the same for furniture with his spoof sitcom called “The Sitcom!”

the sitcom dutch show furniture comedy

Maassen dreamed up the show starring chairs from his latest collection. Wanting to break away from the drudgery of conventional design exhibitions, he fitted his chairs with screens which display actors’ mouths speaking the lines of the script. The sets are intentionally cheesy and stereotypical of sitcoms, made even funnier by the fact that furniture is both set and characters.


The family of chairs deals with everything that a typical sitcom family does, like family problems, kids, and relationships. The 20-minute pilot was filmed in front of a studio audience featuring props created by other designers.

sitcom starring chairs

The entire idea of a sitcom featuring furniture as characters is completely absurd, and that seems to be Maassen’s point. He’s pointing out that design doesn’t have to be serious, even when the furniture itself isn’t particularly whimsical, and that even furniture can be funny if you frame it in the right light. The DVD of The Sitcom! should be available soon through Maassen’s website.