toasty mug

When the weather turns frigid, there’s nothing as bone-warming as a mug of your favorite hot beverage. Designer Sabrina Fossi had this in mind when she developed the ToastyMug: a mug that has pockets to keep your hands extra warm.

hand warming mug

The traditional mug design only lets you warm the palms of your hands, leaving the backs to suffer the cold. The ToastyMug has no handle; instead, a built-in ceramic pocket wraps around half of the mug.

sabrina fossi toastymug

Slip your hands into the ceramic pocket to both hold the mug and warm your mitts. Whether you’re drinking tea, coffee, or hot cocoa, the pocket insulates the mug, keeping your drink and your hands warm longer. The only downside? You’re out of luck if you prefer storing your mugs on hooks since this one has no handle.