Quick, easy and cheap to construct, this wooden coat rack prototype by Vytautas Gecas nonetheless has quite a bit of (albeit unconventional) class – arguably even elegance. You could probably buy a set of rake or broom handles and a simple outdoor plant pot at the hardware store, put them together and basically make your own DIY variant in mere minutes, but the concept is brilliant.

In the traditions of the modern design movement, you can see right away how each part of the whole works structurally – the solid base anchoring the object in place and the flexible spokes sticking up, elastic due to their length and a warmer material to the touch. It would not take much to convince someone you paid a pretty penny for this one-of-a-kind designer object.

Best of all, it is also incredibly easy to see out it was built – a quick mental reverse-engineering reveals that the process and product share an elegant simplicity: concrete poured into a very basic form with straight lengths of bare wood added in a loose and casual way, perfectly suited to toss up a light summer jacket. This not only makes it an idea that is trivial to build off of, but again reinforces the modernist simplicity of its style.

Still, if you prefer to buy it pre-made, you’ll be getting your money’s worth in the form of high quality materials and beautiful design. The creator calls it a “spaghetti coat rack,” and it’s easy to see why. It’s produced by Danzo Studio.
“An extraordinary coat hanger that comes with a dispersed structure built from a barrel shaped base and a bundle of scattered wood sticks, of which the tips work as hanging pegs. The design is meant to be both intuitional and interactive, since it provides the freedom of adjusting the sticks in numbers and positions.”