Chair Lamp Combo 1

At first glance, it looks as if this is more sculpture than seat: the chair is missing its back legs. That’s a bit of an optical illusion, however, as the cord trailing down from the lamp clamped to the back is stronger than it seems. The ‘Lambent Chair’ by designer Glen Lewis-Steele features an unusual support system as well as a built-in auto-adjusting mechanism for comfort and convenience.

Chair Lamp Combo 2

Chair Lamp Combo 3

The base of the rope hides a bent metal bar to keep the chair upright, while the rest of the cord remains flexible.

Chair Lamp Combo 4

Take a seat, and the crescent-shaped LED lamp will automatically bend down to greet you, stopping at just the right height for reading or writing.

Chair Lamp Combo 5

The designer explains that the lamp includes an internal system of tension wires that tighten and loosen like tendons in a finger, so it bends when the user’s weight actives a spring-loaded mechanism. A childhood collapsible giraffe toy provided the inspiration for this novel function.