Understanding the design of cities is all about scale. Take these city-themed wall tiles, for instance, that let you lord over your very own urban universe, right from the comfort of a home kitchen or bathroom – they look like concrete, cork or slate from a distance due to their texture, but up close they reveal a winding cityscape.

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City tiles detail

The simple, figure/ground approach used by designer/manufacturer LEA Ceramiche divides open spaces and solids into two tones, and then adds a touch of three-dimensionality by raising the roofs up. This creates both a fascinating lighting effect but also invites interaction – it is too tempting to pass up running your fingers along the rippled ceramic surface.


While the textured versions are intended for walls (their floor variations are smooth-finished), it would be interesting to know how well they would work for flooring – one could imagine that the texture on your toes would be an interesting one. Regardless, this would be particularly useful for large surface areas in sizable rooms – you would lose out on the long-distance view morphing into a close-up understanding if you installed these in too small a space.

City tiles anthracite detail

More from the designers

“The research conducted into matter and technology, centered on a flexible use of the material, finds here further applications.‎ Unusual combinations that look at reality and reinterpret it onto the surface, creating a new experience of ceramics open to a wider audience.‎ City is a journey that can be explained within the wall tiles of the home, thanks to the urban imprint of the metallic effect of Bronze or Anthracite.”

About LEA Ceramiche

“Lea Ceramiche has always stood out from the crowd. And it has done so by innovating: with products with a clear personality and remarkable technical qualities, pure ceramic material originating from in-depth research and cutting-edge production technologies; and with the collaboration of the most respected international designers who are able to exalt the character and the qualities of its collections, used in prestigious projects and installations all over the world.”