The contemporary Delta House, designed by Japanese architect Yoshiyasu Mizuno, puts a new spin on a traditional Japanese home feature. The doma is traditionally an open-air room with a tamped earth floor that is used for food preparation and other household work. In the Delta House, it is reimagined as the heart of the home.
delta house open internal courtyard
doma and first floor rooms
The ground floor of the home in Kanagawa contains several multi-purpose rooms that can be used as bedrooms or for a number of other purposes. The doma sits in the middle, an open triangular space that unites all areas of the home. A small overhanging atrium partially shelters the open space.
internal windows
windows into and over doma
On the second floor, the family’s living and dining areas are arranged in the roughly triangular home. Most of the windows look into and through the doma. This allows natural light to filter in to all areas of the home while allowing the residents to gaze into other areas of the home through the open space.
interior windows
triangular house doma
The home’s interior spaces are flexible, allowing them to change functions as needed. A feeling of spaciousness is gained from the pale wooden floors and white walls and ceilings. The natural light from the numerous windows fills the space to give it a relaxed, natural, open feel.
japanese courtyard doma

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The exterior surfaces which are permanently exposed to the elements are covered in protective corrugated metal. The sheltered areas are covered in a warm, sophisticated-looking wooden paneling.

(via: Dezeen)