If cats are an important part of your life, you probably already design your home around them to some extent. For instance, certain tempting furniture textures are off limits because they’re scratch magnets, and any dangly bits aren’t going to work unless they safely double as cat toys.

Sound familiar? Then you’re going to want to check out Colombia-based company CatLife. Every piece of furniture they sell is designed to make your cat think he’s king of the castle without devoting excessive space to items that only cats can use.

At first glance, each piece looks like normal, stylish, and contemporary human furniture. But look a little closer, and you’ll see cat accommodations built into virtually every nook and cranny. The Ginebra Biblioteca is one awesome example. An open metal frame can be fitted with various wood boxes to display your books, lamps, and trinkets like any other bookshelf, but it also contains cat cubbies, beds, and scratching posts. Best of all, doors on enclosed cubes secure any items you want to keep safe from curious claws.

The Gatrimonial Bed, a play on the Spanish word for cat (gato), is a particularly clever way to please your pets using space that’s often wasted. The wooden platform bed base features an internal labyrinth hidden beneath the mattress. Top panels lift up so you can easily check on your furry friends, and holes in various diameters act as entrances, exits, and ventilation.

If you’d really rather have a normal bed yourself but your cat likes to sleep nearby, the Nochera Nova bedside table is a cute way to keep her close. Made of stained and painted wood, it features a cutout design on the front panel and side access. For the living room, the Isis coffee table offers a similar feature along with a second cubby for your books and remotes.

Cats lying on our laps (or, worse, across our keyboards) can make it hard to work from home. CatLife offers a pretty awesome home office setup to keep cats entertained while you’re trying to focus: the Onix desk, which has a cat bed built into the base. You can buy it alone or add on the pictured accessories to create an entire play landscape with multiple surfaces for scratching, jumping, and napping.

Make use of the wall around the television and your cats will think you’re always keeping an eye on them, even if your gaze is really drawn to the screen. Made of pine wood and glass, the Dalí Entertainment Center has a number of not-so-obvious cat perks built into it, like a feeding and watering station on the lower level and climbable cubbies on the upper shelves.

Ranging from $600 to $3,000 USD, this cat/human furniture doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re ready to splurge on a piece or two for your cat-loving home, there’s good news: they’re all available for shipping to many countries, including the United States.