cat library main image

The cat furniture craze seems to have hit all-time highs, but many of the designs simply try too hard to accommodate feline friends without serving any secondary purpose.

Thus, the Cat Library – a place to climb, play and relax for furry companions, but also a great way to store books as well in the same vertical space.

cat library bookshelves empty

Being fully modular, one could construct it as tall as desired (with safety in mind, of course) or leave a low stack with the cat bed unit on the second or third levels.

cat library bookshelves in use

The one trick yet to be determined is how the whole thing will fasten together – cats may be light, but they are also devious and tend to find ways to knock just about anything over if you are not paying close enough attention. If you can find a way to mount it to the wall, however, you’re probably good, and your cats will be a lot happier for it. 

Can’t find or afford this particular cat-centric bookshelf? It would be interesting to see what you could come up with on your own to DIY.

From Designboom:

“Created by belgian designer Corentin Dombrecht, the ‘cat-library’ bookshelf is designed as much for catsas it is for human users, with a built-in sitting basket at its top and shelves arranged into a cat-sized staircase. Part of the 101% designed in brussels exhibition, the piece is currently on display at the stockholm furniture fair 2011.”

cat library by correction

Formed from birch wood, the shelf is intentionally unpainted and is not oiled, as the designer observed that these finishes tend to make the staircase slippery for cat paws. the top shelf includes a built-in cat basket, either the ‘hi-top’ model for larger animals or ‘lo-top’ for smaller ones.”

“The modular design of ‘cat-library’ permits the assembly of a range of different bookcases through the reconfiguration of three basic shelf units.”