Koichi hammock table for cats nap

Cat owners know that kitties will curl up and nap just about anywhere, particularly if they can get in close the action or become the center of attention. Japanese designers of Koichi Futatsumata + Partners of Case-Real tap into this seemingly universal feline impulse with a creative combination facilitating both cat naps and coffee klatsches.

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Koichi hammock table for cats

“Hammock | Table” is, frankly, a brilliant way to integrate comfort for cats into contemporary furniture that actually looks nice. Instead of wanting to hide away your cat’s furniture in a back room, you’ll actually be eager to show it off. In the meantime, your best feline friend will be pleased as punch to be so close to you while you’re eating, watching television and entertaining friends.

Koichi hammock table for cats woven
Koichi hammock table for cats storage

A basic stainless-steel frame supports a rectangular glass top, but also suspends a woven cat hammock below so you and your pet can maintain contact through the glazed surface. Plus, you don’t have to use it for cats. It looks nice in use as a storage surface, too.

Koichi hammock table for cats in room

Want one of your own? Designer Koichi Futatsumata sells the Hammock | Table via luxury furniture retailer E&Y for 190,000 yen (about $1,830 USD).

The table has a big basket looks like a hammock. Seeing through the glass top makes the image of the hammock much more stronger. It seems to look at the things through a museum showcase or a store window. The object is emphasized the concept of the things and the balance of materials and shapes. You could throw some fruits, magazines or remote control in this basket. Sometimes, your cat might be there…”

Koichi hammock table for cats furniture

More about the designer:

“Koichi Futamata, who started his activities as a designer in 1998 and has been designing a wide range of items from interiors and architecture to furniture and products, established in 2013 as a design studio specializing in furniture, products and object design. While pursuing interest in the thinking and relationships of function and modeling, he conducts projects with various labels, individuals and companies in Japan and overseas.”