If you’re the type to avoid purchasing pet furniture because it doesn’t fit into your interior design scheme, you’re probably paying for it in the form of fur all over your Arne Jacobsen chair, or constantly pushing a purring feline off your laptop keyboard. Dedicated cat furniture isn’t exactly known for its pleasing aesthetics, but modern alternatives are becoming easier to find. Take Meyou’s new line of cat cocoons, for example, which are currently up for pre-order on Kickstarter.

The French company has created a range of cozy little cat shelters that look like minimalist sculptural objects, all made of natural materials. The Cube is a woven-cotton sphere set within a cube-shaped frame, while The Ball balances on a slanted wood stand.

Both of these designs offer temptingly scratchable surfaces for cats to sharpen their claws. The cotton balls come folded for easy delivery, are machine-washable and can be purchased separately when they start to show too much wear. Choose from champagne, light grey, ivory or dark grey colors.

The Bed sits at just the right height for a cat to comfortably leap up onto its padded surface and nestle within the 100% wool canopy. Move it around the house so your cat can always be close to you, whether you’re lounging on the couch or working at your desk. See all of the options available at Kickstarter. 

“Since its creation a few years ago, French brand Meyou has been dedicated to creating a range of products that reconcile your cat’s needs with your design expectations. Their creations, which are inspired by Scandinavian design, combine sleek, elegant lines with high-quality, resistant materials, resulting in decorative objects that easily blend in with the rest of your furniture. Revolutionizing the accessories essential to the well-being of your cats, Meyou puts design at their service.”