standing eating plates

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Dishware and glassware – why is it not designed for standing up and walking around at parties? Sure, most of the time you might be sitting down to eat but when you have guests the standard stable table-oriented tableware designs can become cumbersome to carry with you, not to mention if you also have a glass in tow. Stackable, smooth and sleek, this dinnerware is designed to go wherever you do with ease and to function as either a plate or a bowl as needed.

stand up and eat dishes

Gabriel Contino has come up with a clever design that goes beyond a merely ergonomic solution for mobile eating – it also includes a convenient slot for you to set your drink while you stand or walk around. Not only does this make it easier to take your food and beverage with you as you roam the rooms at a dinner party but it also critically frees up a hand for opening doors and shaking hands.

stand and eat plate designs

Beyond this great-for-groups functionality, this bowl-or-plate design would be handy simply to have around the house for casual occasions – when you want to move to the couch for desert or eat in front of the television. Moreover, these plates are actually elegant even for meals eaten around the dinner table – a cross between a fancy appetizer dish and a strangely-formed sushi plate.