hilla shamia aluminum and wood furniture

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It seems that creative designers are always finding new ways to join materials in beautiful combinations. Designer Hilla Shamia combines natural wood pieces with cast aluminum to make slick yet rustic furniture pieces.

wood and cast aluminum furniture

hilla shamia wood and aluminum furniture

The materials combine in an unexpectedly lovely manner. Shamia pours molten metal directly onto and into the wood, filling the natural cracks and conforming to the uneven shape of the wood.

fusion wood and aluminum furniture

cast aluminum and wood furniture

Where the molten metal hits the wood, small scorches appear on the surface. This interplay between the two materials emphasizes the inherent loveliness of both.

wood furniture infused with aluminum

hilla shamia furniture

The legs and bases of each piece are cast in place, naturally joining the wood and metal and creating smooth gradient tones where the two meet.