House Wooden Lofts 1

A series of wooden lofts connected to the ground floor with playful, winding staircases seem to make a rectilinear home in Sapporo, Japan much larger than it really is. Clever use of the interior space, including large scale built-ins and cut-outs in the walls, give the home an airy, open feel.

Modern House Wooden Lofts 2

While small, the wooden lofts take advantage of generous vertical space – a compromise for the small footprint of the residence. The stairs add architectural interest, swirling like sculptures in the center of the main room.

Modern House Wooden Lofts 3

A large built-in bookcase extends all the way up to the base of one of the lofts for plenty of storage and another visual focal point. The lofts add an extra 30 square meters of living space without breaking up the multi-level interior. Openings in the walls offer glimpses of these highlights from the kitchen, bedrooms and other spaces inside the home.

Modern House Wooden Lofts 4

Modern House Wooden Lofts 5

‘Case House’ measures just 81 square meters on a small, sloped suburban site. While the newly built home currently looks like little more than a stack of concrete blocks, Jun Igarashi Architects has attached a series of stainless steel wires that extend from the roofline down to the ground. Plants will eventually grow up the wires to create a screen protecting and sheltering the home from the street.