Giorgio Caporaso by lessmore, Italy
Do you feel like your apartment or one of the rooms in your house needs a certain refreshing je ne sais quoi? A little style makeover without redoing the whole place? Consider a statement chair made of cardboard! Cardboard chairs have been around since the 1960s, but in our modern, eco-conscious world, they’re more relevant than ever.
Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair
Frank Gehry Wiggle Stool
Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair
In 1972, renowned architect Frank Gehry (visionary behind the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao) created the “Easy Edges” series, taking cardboard to new design heights. His chairs require circa 60 layers of cardboard to become as sturdy and solid as they are. These days, the Wiggle Chair is made in Germany by Vitra. Also check out Gehry’s famous Wiggle Stool!
Twist Chair
Twist Chair
Let’s examine the cardboard chair dreamed up by Italian designer Giorgio Caporaso. The dramatically yet elegantly shaped Twist Chair was designed around the concept of a circle. This idea doesn’t merely serve aesthetics but also invites to store stuff like purses, backpacks or whatever things you’d like to tuck away. You can choose from an eco-friendly, all-cardboard design, select from various colors and integrate wood like bleached walnut, light oak and more.
X2 Chair

The X2Chair Cardboard Chaise Lounge by the same designer can work as a sofa or armchair. Again, spaces invite to store items – although we prefer to keep the looks clean without distracting from the object’s sensual and curvy good looks. You can choose from cardboard or wood, replaceable side panels and finishes.

Bravais Chair

Bile Chair
Bravais Armchair
Creative design studio Lazerian in Manchester, UK, also does some amazing cardboard creations such as the Bravais Armchair. Available in a limited edition of 50, it was inspired by patterns in nature like microscopic sea organisms and wasp nests. The chair’s making took more than 200 pieces, which had to be hand-cut and glued. It’s currently sold out at Lazerian, but you can possibly  snag one elsewhere – or just feel inspired by what is possible in cardboard. Also consider their Bile Rocking Chair.
Chairigami Lounge Chair
Chairigami Armchair
Chairigami founder Zach Rotholz wants to “save the world, one cardboard chair at a time.” He says cardboard is just the ‘stage name’ for the awesome, recyclable material he uses. His pieces, such as the lounge chair and armchair pictured here, are all U.S.-made in New Haven, minus resins and glues.