Situated in Montreal, Canada, this brick-and-timber retrofit simply was not big enough for adults and children alike – hence the addition of a lovely curved-wood, master bedroom loft for the parents to climb up to and sleep in.

Ateliers MC cantilevered the addition on bent steel pipe columns, painted white as the walls and curved metal support bar framing the low-level entry to the lofted space above.

Underneath sits the baby’s new room, complete with crib on one side, dresser and chair on the other, with the visually-interesting curve above turned into the ceiling below.

On the other side of the partial-height walls a combination living, dining and kitchen space has access to what natural light comes in through vintage window openings.

It may not be a dream home for those desiring privacy or separation, but as small urban spaces go it is impressive how cozy-yet-modern the result looks and feels, and just how much mileage the architects managed to get out of a meager square-footage allocation.