concrete block sofa

Using architectural design sensibilities, Brazilian architect Paulo Kobylka created these unique sofas that look like stacked slabs of concrete. Unlike actual slabs of concrete, however, these are comfortable enough to take a nap on.

cantilevered sofa

There are two sofas in the series: the PK1 and PK2. They feature cantilevered cushions that extend out over their bases. When put together, they form a large L-shaped sectional. The extending cushions fit together perfectly to make a seamless corner sofa.

concrete cantilevered sofa

Thanks to the placement of the “concrete slabs,” there are ledges that can act as small shelves or hiding places for books, remote controls, or whatever you need to stash.

pk1 and pk2 concrete slab sofas

The sofas are an exercise in contradictions: they look too hard to lie on comfortably, but their cushions are soft enough for a nap. Knowing that the “concrete” pieces are actually pieces of a sofa, it seems impossible for someone to sit on the cantilevered sections without knocking the sofa over. But the sofas are both comfortable and strong, able to hold a person (even on the jutting segments) and look elegantly modern all at once.