stress releasing chamomile tea bags
Some people aren’t at their best before their morning cup of coffee…but there are very few people who aren’t calmed by a nice cup of chamomile tea. Tea company Boh wanted to display in a very tangible way just how much calmer a nice cup of chamomile tea can make you, and they achieved it with a beautifully simple redesign of their tea bags.
The bags all feature figures or images looking chaotic: a growling bear, a storm cloud, an erupting volcano, and others. Once you immerse the bags in boiling water, however, the images change to much calmer ones. The bear smiles, the lightning disappears from the cloud, and the volcano becomes a calm mountain.
boh chamomile tea

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The ad campaign is a simple design that provides a kind of visual calm before the tea imparts its natural physical calming effect. Watching the angry, irritated, or too-excited-looking images melt away is a lovely representation of the way stress tends to melt away once you start sipping a cup of relaxing tea.